Starting April 20th, 2014
Sit & Spin Records will be open during our new summer hours:
Mon-Fri 12-8 pm
Saturday 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

If you are selling records, visit or call anytime. We are available for home visits and will travel for collections large or small. When calling please have the records near you so we can get an idea of what you have. The types of music we are mainly interested in are: all types of Punk, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Psyche, Jazz, Blues and so much more. Small list of things we don't buy 78's, Classical, Big Band, Swing, Broadway and 50's pop vocalist. Get in touch and turn those records into cash!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Record Store Day 2015 at Sit & Spin Records

For us here at Sit & Spin, every day is Record Store Day and Saturday April 18th, 2015 is no exception.  Since we are a smaller shop specializing in independent music we have chosen to support the smaller independent labels and will not be caring any of the major label RSD titles.  Below is a list of RSD titles we will have available this Saturday.


  • Better Than A Thousand "Just One" (12") - Limited edition color vinyl reissue. (Revelation Records)
  • Dag Nasty "Minority of One" (12") - Limited edition color vinyl reissue. (Revelation Records)
  • Death By Stereo "If  Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die" (12") - Reissue of the 1999 debut LP. (Indecision Records)
  • The Dils "I Hate The Rich" b/w "You're Not Blank" (7") - Limited edition color vinyl reissue of 1977 release. (Superior Viaduct)
  • Flag of Democracy "Love Songs" (7") - Remastered reissue of the 1984 hardcore EP. (SRA Records)
  • Flag of Democracy "Down with People" (12") - Remixed and remastered reissue of their 1990 LP. (SRA Records)
  • Flag of Democracy "Hate Rock" (12") - 1994 release, remastered and released on vinyl for the first time. (SRA Records)
  • Flag of Democracy "Everything Sucks" (12") - 1996 release, remastered and released on vinyl for the first time. (SRA Records)
  • Flipper "Love Canal" b/w "Ha Ha Ha" (7") - Limited edition color vinyl reissue of 1981 EP. (Superior Viaduct)
  • Van Failin' aka Fuck You Pay Me "RSD Can Suck It" (7" pic) - Single-sided pic-disc featuring FYPM covering the Van Halen classic "Panama." (Smog Veil Records)
  • Pagans "Pirate's Cove 9/24/79" (12") - Reissue of the 1979 live recordings from Clevelands legendary Pagans. Newly remastered from the original cassette. (Thermionic/Lion Productions)
  • Poison Idea "Just to Get Away" b/w "Kick Out The Jams" (MC5) (7" pic) - 25th Anniversary edition reissue remastered from original source. (TKO Records)
  • The Residents "I can't Get No Satisfaction" (7") - Limited edition color vinyl reissue of 1976 EP. (Superior Viaduct)
  • Shockwave " This World is Ours: The Complete Recordings" (2x12") - All 40 songs compiled in a limited color vinyl double LP and flexi 7" decoder set. (Organized Crime Records)
  • Unity "You Are One" (7") - Clear vinyl reissue of 1985 debut 7". (Indecision Records)
  • X "Adult Books" (7") - Limited edition color vinyl reissue of the 1978 debut 7".  (Superior Viaduct)

  • From Relapse Records (pre-releases and imports):

    • Gruesome "Savage Land" (12") - Debut album from an all-star band paying tribute to the early Tampa,Florida death metal scene. Official release date: 4/21/15 
    • Zombi "The Zombi Anthology" (12") - Zombi's first recordings originally released (CD only) 10 years ago, and now available for the first time on vinyl.  White vinyl limited to 1,550; official release date: 4/21/15
    •  Nile "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" (12") - Orange/Yellow merge color vinyl; European edition limited to 1,700
    • Nile "Annihilation of the Wicked" (2x12") - Red/Gold merge color vinyl; European edition limited to 1,700
    • Nile "Black Seeds of Vengeance" (12") - Green/Orange merge color vinyl; European edition limited to 1,700
    • Nile "In the Darkened Shrines" (2x12") - Green/Gold merge color vinyl; European edition limited to 1,700

    Thanks to the support of local venues Underground Arts and Trocadero Theatre we will also be giving away a pair of tickets for each of the following concert events.  To enter for a chance to win simply visit us on Record Store Day and fill out an entry form.  One entry per customer.  Must be 21+ to attend these events.  Winner will be announced the following day, Sunday April 19th.


    Underground Arts:

    Gene Ween does Billy Joel
    Friday May 29th
    Click HERE for FB link

    Iron Reagan with Angel Dust and Noises
    Friday June 6th
    Click HERE for FB link

    CJ Ramones with Shonen Knife
    Sunday June 21st
    Click HERE for FB link
    The Melvin with Le Butcherettes
    Wednesday July 1st
    Click HERE for FB link
    The Adicts with Reverend Horton Heat
    Tuesday September 15th
    Click HERE for FB link

    Trocadero Theatre:

    Testament with Exodus
    Thursday April 30th
    Click HERE for FB link
    Amaranth with I Prevail
    Saturday May 16th
    Click HERE for FB link

    Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    Sit and Spin Records, 2 years and growing

    January 8th, 2015 marked the 2 year anniversary for us here at Sit & Spin Records.  In that time we've grown in so many ways.  Our friend, Glass on Glass, moved out giving us more room to buy and sell records, shirts and more.  We've added hundreds of new release titles; reissues, new artists and albums, LPs and 7"s.  Our locals section is loaded with all kinds of music in a mix of genres, all created right here in Philadelphia. 

    With all this expanding, we're ready to buy more used records.  Of course we're always looking to buy punk, hardcore and metal collections big or small.  However, we're also interested in rock, psych, blues, jazz, folk, electronic/industrial and more. 

    Have a collection you'd like to sell?  Please call, 267-773-8345, or visit during regular business hours.  If you're calling, please be prepared to answer some questions about your collection (we advise that you have the records on hand when calling).


    Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm
    Saturday 11am - 8pm
    Sunday 11am - 5pm

    If you have a list or photos of a collection you'd like to sell, you can send that to sitandspinrecords[@]gmail[dot]com.

    Sit & Spin Records is located in South Philadelphia, nestled between the Italian Market and Passyunk Avenue on the corner of 9th and Reed Streets.  Street-side parking is available and there is also a public lot caddy-corner from our store and lots of shopping within walking distance.

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    NOW BUY TICKETS for select UNDERGROUND ARTS events at Sit & Spin Records

    We've recently teamed up with the fine folks at Underground Arts to offer our customers surcharge-free tickets for select events.  Please visit our Facebook page for updates on ticket sales and follow us on Instagram for updates on ticket giveaways.


    Wednesday Sept 18th, 8pm @ Underground Arts
    $25 each; cash only

    THE COLOR OF NOISE facebook
    A film about the legendary record label Amphetamine Reptile Records featuring Q&A with director Eric Robel
    Saturday Sept 20th, 7pm @ Underground Arts
    $10 each; cash only

    Sunday Sept 28th, 8pm @ Underground Arts
    $20 each; cash only

    Sunday, April 20, 2014

    Record Store Day 2014 LEFTOVERS

    Thank you to everyone that come out yesterday.  We had a great day and enjoyed meeting many new faces.  For those of you that couldn't make it down, fear not.  We still have many great titles in stock.

    Farside "Keep My Soul Awake" (7")
    Poison Idea "Getting the Fear" (7")
    J.F.A. "Blatant Localism EP" (7")
    Set Your Goals "Reset" (10")
    Sense Field "Building" (12")
    Battery "Whatever it Takes" (12")
    Up Front "Spirit" (12")
    Sick of It All "Based on A True Story" (12")
    Cancerous Growth "Cancer Causing Agents: A Cancerous Growth Discography" (CD+DVD)
    Toxic Reasons "Live Berkeley Square: December 1981" (12")
    Raw Power "Tired and Furious" (12")
    Christian Death "The Edward Colver Edition" (7")
    Autistic Behavior "Shattered Cattle" (12")
    Ghoul "Hang Ten" (10")
    Pagans "What's This Shit? 1977/1979" (12")

    Monday, April 14, 2014

    Record Store Day 2014 at Sit & Spin Records

    Make Sit & Spin Records your first stop on Record Store Day this year.  We will be opening early on Saturday April 19th as well as begin our new summer hours opening 7 days a week and closing earlier on Sundays.

    NEW SUMMER HOURS:  M-F 12PM - 8PM; SAT 11AM - 8PM; SUN 11AM - 5PM


    Farside "Keep My Soul Awake" (7", blue vinyl)
    Poison Idea "Getting the Fear" (7", mixed splatter vinyl)
    J.F.A. "Blatant Localism EP" (7")
    Set Your Goals "Reset" (10")
    Integrity "Den of Iniquity" (2x12")
    Sense Field "Building" (12", red vinyl)
    Battery "Whatever it Takes" (12", orange vinyl)
    Up Front "Spirit" (12")
    Sick Of it All "Based on a True Story" (12")
    Cancerous Growth "Cancer Causing Agents: A Cancerous Growth Discography" (CD+DVD)
    Toxic Reasons "Ghost Town" (7", blue vinyl)
    Toxic Reasons "War Hero" (7", white vinyl)
    Toxic Reasons "Live Berkeley Square: December 1981" (12")
    Raw Power "Tired and Furious" (12")
    Christian Death "The Edward Colver Edition" (7")
    Autistic Behavior "Shattered Cattle" (12", three color splatter vinyl)
    Ghoul "Hang Ten" (10", color vinyl)

    As always, our shelves are constantly stocked with new titles.  Please check our New Arrivals List for regular updates (some titles may be sold out).

    S&S Records Exclusive RSD specials:

    Loyalty Discount - bring your S&S tote or wear your S&S shirt on RSD and receive 10% OFF your used vinyl purchase.  EARLY BIRDS (10am-12pm) receive 10% OFF your entire vinyl purchase (new or used).

    WE LOVE FDH RECORDS and so should you!

    One of our most beloved local record labels has been awesome enough to offer the following exclusive specials, only at Sit & Spin Records:
    • Digital Leather "Modern Problems" (12"), test press version with a limited silk-screen cover (European cover limited to 100) ONLY TWO AVAILABLE
    • Spent Flesh self titled 10", with a limited 12" silk-screen cover (European cover limited to 100) ONLY ONE AVAILABLE
    • FREE 7" with FDH Records purchase!!  Purchase any FDH title and choose a free 7" from a selection of titles donated by FDH
    • WIN TICKETS to the Bad Doctors Record Release show Friday May 16th at The Boot & Saddle, South Philly.  FREE ENTRY with any vinyl purchase on RSD.  Winner will be announced Sunday April 20th.

    Listen to FDH music:

    Thursday, December 26, 2013

    Sit & Spin Records One Year Anniversary Celebration

    Celebrate our One Year Anniversary
    Jan 7th - Jan 12th, 12 pm-8 pm

    Show your LOVE!
    Visit the shop during our anniversary wearing a Sit & Spin T-shirt or carrying our LP tote and enjoy special discounts: 10% OFF new/unplayed records and 15% OFF used records.  

    Hashtag Giveaway!!
    Enter for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Sit & Spin Records.  Here's how:
    1. Follow us on Instagram @sitandspinrecords 
    2. Post a photo of the records you scored during our Anniversary Week (1/7-1/12)*
    3. Use the hashtag #happybirthdaysitandspin to enter the drawing
    4. The photo with the most "likes" will be our winner**

    *you may enter one photo with the whole score in it or many photos (one for each record), but no duplicates please
    **the winner will be announced Tuesday January 14th and will have 14 days to claim his/her prize

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    Sit & Spin Holiday Shopping 2013

    Wish List Reserve
    a unique Holiday shopping service
    only from Sit & Spin Records

    Available for a limited time*, we are offering a Wish List Reserve service. This will be a great way to get exactly the right records this holiday season and still be surprised. 

    Here's how it works:
    1. Send us your wishlist (new and used vinyl) with WISH LIST RESERVE in the subject line.
    2. We'll check our inventory, pull and hold any titles that we find on your list and message you with the number of records we found (not which ones though, that's the surprise).
    3. Send in the shoppers! Anyone wanting to purchase one of your Wish List records can do so WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS of the confirmation message. They simply tell us the name on the Wish List and the buyer can choose which records they want to purchase.
    And if that's too complicated, we sell Gift Certificates!
    *This service will be available through Monday December 23rd

    Please note our Holiday Hours: